Plaid XS
Поп-Ап От Lexus
Plaid XS Italic
Early Paintings And Drawings
Plaid XS Mono
Roger Hiorns’ Poetics Of Absurdity
Plaid S
Велозаезд Novikov Group И Danone
Plaid S Italic
Transcending Boundaries By Teamlab
Plaid S Mono
Divine Art In The Abbey
Plaid M
Bart Hess
Plaid M Italic
На Заповедных Берегах
Plaid M Mono
Art Amidst Nature
Plaid L
“my Life In The Woods With Werkraum Bregenzerwald”
Plaid L Italic
Artifacts By 200 Grs
Plaid L Mono
Tape That
Plaid XL
My Life As A Goat
Plaid XL Italic
Doug Aitken’s Underwater Pavilions Off California
Plaid XL Mono
Dressing Walls

From light and narrow to bold and wide—Plaid’s approach is to touch extremes. The combination of two axis at once (weight and width) allows the typeface to appear modest, but also imposing.

Provided with an extended language support (including Cyrillic) and a wide range of OpenType features, Plaid is available in XS, S, M, L and XL as well as corresponding Italics and Mono styles.

Designed by Fabian Fohrer in 2018.

100% Cotton     Screen Print (Back)