Moderat Thin
Astep By Alessandro Sarfatti
Moderat Thin Italic
Punkt With Jasper Morrison
Moderat Light
Back To The Roots
Moderat Light Italic
The Alcantara® Experience
Moderat Regular
The Personal Signature Of The Maker
Moderat Regular Italic
Design For The Soul
Moderat Medium
Ruredil Ring By Danilo Premoli
Moderat Medium Italic
Caos (Chaos)
Moderat Bold
People Of The Sun, With Hettlertüllmann
Moderat Bold Italic
The City And The Forest
Moderat Black
1+1+1 At Design March In Reykjavik
Moderat Black Italic
“Fall In Love With The Objects You Surround Yourself With”

Moderat is a geometric sans-serif typeface, designed by Fabian Fohrer and Fabian Huber originally in 2015 (redesigned in 2017).