Sneak Light
Skrt, Skrrt, Skrrrrrt
Sneak Light Italic
Contemporary Art Fair
Sneak Regular
Love Hate
Sneak Regular Italic
Laboratoire Photographique
Sneak Medium
Contemporary Art Fair
Sneak Medium Italic
Opening 7 P.M.
Sneak Bold
↗ Northeast → East ↙ Southwest ← West
Sneak Bold Italic
Boys Don’t Cry
Sneak Black
Black & White
Sneak Black Italic
↑ Up ↓ Down To The ← Left → Right ↗ This Or ↙ That Way
Sneak Mono
Moscow Mule

Sneak is a crisp sans-serif typeface featured by several reversed characters.

Year: 2016
Designer: Fabian Fohrer