Moderat Thin
Moderat Thin Italic
Farewell Transmission
Moderat Light
The World In 3D
Moderat Light Italic
About A Dress That Reads Like A Book
Moderat Regular
One And One Makes Three
Moderat Regular Italic
The Art Of Love
Moderat Medium
100 Masterpieces Of Modern And Contemporary Arab Art
Moderat Medium Italic
Surreality Check
Moderat Bold
The Construction Of An Image‚Ä®
Moderat Bold Italic
Le Nouvel Atelier
Moderat Black
Le Parti Pris Des Nuages
Moderat Black Italic
Fragmented Memory

Moderat is a geometric sans-serif typeface, designed by Fabian Fohrer and Fabian Huber originally in 2015 (redesigned in 2017).