Exposit Light
About A Dress That Reads Like A Book
Exposit Regular
The World In 3D
Exposit Medium
Farewell Transmission
Exposit Bold
Exposit Black
Praeteritum, Praesens Et Futurum
Exposit Positive Regular
Ageing Consensually
Exposit Positive Medium
Please Touch
Exposit Positive Bold
Paper City, Fruit Market And Humber Street Gallery
Exposit Negative Regular
The Thrill Of Imperfection
Exposit Negative Medium
Eyes Wide Open
Exposit Negative Bold
Politics Of Play

Exposit is a reinterpretation of Joseph A.  David’s »Plaque Découpée Universelle«, a stencil originally designed in 1876, which could be used to draw all letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation on the basis of its grid.

Developed on a likewise system, Exposit encourages to take affect on the expression of its letterforms — which can be uniform and calm, but also irregular and turbulent. The interplay of vertical stroke lengths (Stylistic Set 1: Amplitude), condensed and extended letters (Stylistic Set 2: Widths) and the expansion of rounded shapes (Stylistic Set 3: Stretch) define Exposit’s changing characteristics.

With a comprehensive set of ligatures and OpenType features the typeface is available in Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black as well as contrasted (Positive) and inverted (Negative) styles in Regular, Medium and Bold.

Designed by Fabian Fohrer in 2017, published in 2018.